Looking for a container to rent or lease ?

Amcon operates a fleet of brand new containers exclusively reserved for rental.

Typically, we rent to both private persons and industrial customers who are looking for temporary additional mobile storage solutions :

  • People moving to a new home and needing temporary storage for their furniture and other belongings
  • Warehouses covering peak periods with the rental of containers to address a temporary storage capacity problem
  • Supermarkets and cold storage warehouses needing temporary surplus cold storage capacity through the rental of reefer containers

Container rental periods

Rental periods can be short or long term and may vary from a minimum of 1 month to any desired length of time . The longer the time commitment, the lower the daily rental rate.

One-way Rental

Amcon also offers the one-way rental option, which basically allows you to pick-up a container in location “A” and return it in location “B” against a fixed cost amount.
The logistical and administrative advantages are considerable :

  • No need to buy a container and be left with the head-ache to find a reliable buyer at your destination port
  • You can deliver the container to the shipping line as Shipper Owned contr as opposed to using a container provided by the shipping line. In many cases you will get a SOC reduction on the  freight.
  • No detention charges exposure
  • You only need to return the container at the destination port to our designated site

Any container type, for any period, anywhere in the world.

Amcon operates from its head office in Antwerp but through our reliable international partner network we can deliver the containers to any desired geographical location. One way leases, short or long term container rentals, any container type: just contact us for more information about renting containers.