At some point in a company’s growth and development it may opt to build and buy its own fleet of new containers.

Most SME companies in that position though, lack both the contacts and the expertise  to work with the Chinese manufacturers through the process of specifications, purchase orders, inspections, etc... to finally getting their units from the factory in China to their demand location in the most economical way.

Moreover, they will find that their own local house bankers are often not familiar with the intricacies of the product itself, its life-cycle, the residual value issues, and the dynamics of container shipping in general, resulting in an over-cautious, inflexible approach and subsequent expensive pricing.

Thanks to its contacts and expertise with both the main Chinese container manufacturers as well as with the international container finance community, Amcon offers you cradle-to-grave assistance with the procurement and financing of containers. Through its vast network of container finance providers, Amcon can provide you with tailor-made finance solutions that perfectly match your needs and possibilities...

Whatever your container finance needs are, Amcon will find the right deal for you !